Which ring design is most suitable for you?


    A single stone in a ring can be a diamond or gemstone. This design is the most desirable choice of engagement ring as it is timeless and classic. The solitaire setting allows the diamond or gemstone to come alive. It allows light in from all angles which showcase the beauty of the stone perfectly. You mostly find four claw or six claw settings available however other styles such as the three claw and eight claw settings also look very elegant.

    Flanked solitaire

    Very much like a solitaire just with the addition of side diamonds, which compliment the central stone.

    Three Stone or Triology

    “My past, present and future are with you”
    One diamond for the past, one for the present, and one for the future. Typically, the centre diamond is larger than the two side stones. This can also be set with a gemstone in the centre or gemstones flanking the central diamond.


    A design based on a central diamond or gemstone bordered by a row of smaller stones, or sometimes two or three rows.